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Our Leadership


Mark Seager, Lead Pastor

Mark has spent most of his life in Northern Virginia.  He was born to British parents living in Holland, but his family moved to the US when he was 6 and settled in the Washington DC area. Unfortunately (for him), Mark has lost all traces of his British accent.  Mark placed his faith in Christ as a child and is grateful for the church youth group he was involved in during his teen years. 


Mark graduated from Virginia Tech and enjoyed a career in Civil/Environmental Engineering prior to entering the pastorate.  He has pastored churches in the UK and USA and loves teaching the Bible and helping people grow in their faith.  He is actively engaged with international mission work and serves as an advisor to Men of Valor International.  Mark is happily married to Karen, and they have two daughters and two sons. In his spare time (what’s that?) he likes sports, attempting home handyman projects, and reading.

Jason Rhodenhizer, Executive Pastor

Jason is a native of Northern Virginia, having grown up in Alexandria. He and his wife, Mandie, met at church when they were kids and have been married since May 2000.  He has a degree in Cross-Cultural Ministry from Liberty University, Lynchburg, Va. 


Jason started and led CrossPointe Church, in Loudoun County, for 10 years before merging it with Arcola Bible Church, another local church in Loudoun County. CrossPointe and Arcola became CityView Church.  Prior to CrossPointe, he served on staff at churches in Idaho, Alaska, and Virginia.


Though serving in differing roles with each church, he always defaulted back to community service.  He has continually had a desire to serve and assist differing cultures in the community. That passion drives much of the work he has done in the past and continues to do with CityView.  He also serves on the board of Hope Community Center in Bethlehem.


Jason and Mandie have 5 kids and reside in Aldie, VA.





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