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But God had more in store.


Within a year of merging, God provided a building for us in a way we never could have imagined. A third church, Crossview Bible Fellowship, stepped up and—amazingly—decided to gift us a wonderful building in Ashburn.

Now, with people from three different congregations combining into one, we decided to move forward, united with a new name:


CityView Church

The new name casts a vision that looks upward and outward. It reflects our priorities and shapes how we “do” church. 

The upward and outward ideas are mission-critical as we move forward. We look up for eternal perspective, just as Abraham did (Hebrews 11:10). History started in a garden yet ends in a city with its eyes on heaven (Revelation 21).

To look outward is to acknowledge that we do not exist for ourselves. We are an embassy of Jesus Christ called to proclaim him to the city around us.

The church is not defined by a building; a church is defined by its people. In a similar sense, by “city” we mean the people around us.

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